BBQ Sauce is a very important condiment to have while grilling. Any person with experience in BBQ Grilling knows that the key to great tasting grilled meat is using the correct BBQ Sauce and knowing exactly when to apply it. If the sauce is too thick and contains a lot of sugar, it is more likely that your meat will burn when you apply it to soon. However, a thinner sauce based off of vinegar, soy sauce, wine ect. is less likely to cause your meat to burn when you apply it right away.

Lovina Mullet understood this issue when she took on the task of creating and perfecting her own BBQ Sauce recipe. Starting out with just a few ingredients, she tried many different things. Wanting to have the perfect taste and great texture, she took her time and played around with it. After about a year of this, she found the secret ingredient that brought the taste to perfection while still maintaining the texture. Now, finally, having crafted the BBQ sauce to perfection, she created her own recipe naming it Lovina’s BBQ Sauce. It has been about 5 years now since that day and still being fully satisfied with her BBQ Sauce ‘the idea came’ why not share it with the public? Once she found a local store interested in carrying Lovina’s BBQ Sauce things were set into motion. Now you will be able to find Lovina’s BBQ Sauce at Sugar Valley Meats in Sugarcreek, Ohio.