Congratulations! As a first time Bride it is often difficult to know what to ask, expect, or even know how to begin to plan your special day. The big question for most couples is, what are we able to do within our budget and where do we cut things out? A mistake that is made by many is trying to do the food on their own. The truth is, unless you have some good cooks and a reliable team with experience to depend on taking care of that part for you, you may be better off getting your food catered, simply because of all the detail and time involved with it, and not mention, it would relieve you from a lot of stress so that you can fully enjoy your wedding day. Below you will find a few tips along with links to other websites that will provide you with printable PDF files. Hopefully this can help make the preparations for your big day be less stressful.

Questions to Ask Your Caterer

First, make sure they have the type of food you and your guest would eat. For example: If you and your guest prefer Italian food and nothing on the menu is Italian, you may need to move on to the next caterer. However, there are caterers that may be willing to work with a different type of menu. You can always ask before moving on.

1. Do they give you the option to schedule a sampling with them before any commitments are made? Note: Be prepared to pay a fee.  
2. Do they provide the servers/bridal servers or are you responsible for that? Note: Generally, if so, there will be an extra charge.
3. What are their serving options? Family Style, Food (Buffet) Line, Plated Meals, ect.
4. How soon will they need your final count?
5. Do they have glass dishes available as an option? If not, can they recommend a place they work with closely who would rent dishes out?
6. If you have a traditional family recipe you’d like to have used for your wedding menu, make sure to check and see which caterer will work with you on that.
7. Do they cut wedding cakes?
8. Are they licensed to set-up a wine and beer bar?
9. Are you able to set up a meeting with them at the Event Center the day before the wedding to go over instructions, details, and answer any questions that both parties might have?

Be sure to give your caterer a detailed schedule time from the beginning of ceremony to when it ends. Give them the name of your wedding Coordinator so that if they do have questions, they will know who to contact. 

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Event Center 

First, make sure that the building capacity or outdoor area has enough seating for your amount of people.

1. Does the building have heat and/or AC?
2. Is there enough room to do both the reception and ceremony on the property?
3. How soon would you be able to come in and decorate?
4. How many people can it seat?
5. Is it handicap accessible?
6. Does it have any rooms where the bride/groom and bridal party could get dressed?
7. Does it have a kitchen? Is it a fully stocked kitchen?
8. Do they have their own tables and chairs, if so, what sizes?
9. If not, do they work closely with someone who rents tables and chairs out?
10. Are we responsible to wash our own dishes, take tables down, and clean everything up?
11. What all is included with the cost?

Some properties will have a person available on site in case of any emergency or to assist with the building. Be sure to find out if this is an available option because if not, you may want to consider appointing someone for this.

When Looking for a Photographer-

A phrase that I’ve heard in the past is Pictures Last a Lifetime. If you are a couple looking to save money, don’t skimp when it comes to the photographer, find one that is able to make a picture look like a million bucks no matter the weather or current situation, because pictures last a lifetime! Below is a great article with so much more advice on how to choose your photographer. Also, on this site you will find a printable PDF checklist that may be of a convenient use to you. Click on the link to continue reading……….

When Looking for a Cake Lady

The Wedding Cake is usually the centerpiece of all Weddings. The bigger and more beautiful, the better! Thankfully this tradition is no longer as popular, and couples have been doing smaller, more personal, sized cakes. This helps them save some more money. Before making a decision on how big, how small, and who you will get to make your cake, read this article written by “Here Comes the Guide”. It is full of tips on what to look for.…

When Looking for a DJ

The music is a big part of most Weddings. It can either help make or break your wedding day. It is what helps set the tone, from the ceremony to the dance floor at weddings. Reading this article written by “Here Comes the Guide”, will give you the ability to make an informed decision when choosing the DJ for your wedding day.…

When Deciding on a Wine & Beer Bar

Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money. Couples are always looking for ways to help cut the cost. Cash bars seem to be slowly becoming more popular, however, should couples do this on their wedding day? This article written by “Bride Box” gives good insights. You will even find a grocery list of about how much of each different kind of alcohol will you will need to buy with 150 people. Click the link to read the full blog.